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Ayurveda in the past

How Advanced Ayurveda Was In The Past

How Advanced Ayurveda Was In The Past, The origin of Ayurveda is extended about more than 3000 years ago and especially 02 traditions of origin have been explained in the references. According to the ayurvedic references, it is considered as ayurvedic descended to earth from Lord Brahma, and Lord Brahma is known as the creator of the university according to Indian mythology. It is considered that Lord Brahma got this knowledge by himself and complied his own text (named Brahma Samhitha with 100000 stanzas)

This article will go through the different aspect of Ayurveda in past although the Ayurveda philosophy surprisingly. It has a huge advanced technical method since past.

Surgeries that existed thousands of years ago

This is the most important and interesting factor which proves the advanced knowledge in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic knowledge has the surgery side too and the father of the surgery in Ayurveda is called Acharya Sushruta. They had been used different instruments to do their surgical treatments. Some types are sharp while others are unsharp. Some instruments, forceps with the disc at the tip, forceps, finger knife, long and short scissors, thick spike, surgical axe, teeth scrapers, sharp hooks etc.

Replacement of foetus to another womb, infertility treatment methods

Some ayurvedic references has mentioned about the infertility treatment methods and replacement of foetus to another womb.The most famous historical example for this is that the fetus in the uterus of Devaki was transferred to the uterus of Rohini by the yogamaya. There are some literary evidence for replicating some references that shows that the animals were also treated with ayurvedic treatments in the labor period. This proves that How Advanced Ayurveda Was In The Past.

Mentioning subtle things like sperms in an era where there were no microscopes

Ayurvedic Samhithas mentioned that embrayolygot is formed by fusing sperms and ovum. These all things have mentioned in Samhithas before thousand years ago at a time when not even a microscope was found what an advanced science is this Ayurveda.

Those above examples are clearly shows how advance knowledge was in Ayurveda in past and there are more evidences under this topics.

Benefits you can gain by adding Ayurveda to your day today life

  1. You will be able to achieve a healthy mind and body.
  2. Can learn how to keep going with a healthy body. (maintenance tips)
  3. Can gain knowledge about weight loss, methods. (yoga and diet charts)
  4. Natural remedies for skin and hair
  5. Day today tips to stay healthy always.
  6. To reduce inflammation
  7. Cleanse the body
  8. Ways to prevent from non-communicable diseases.
  9. Gaining the ability to live in a good mental state
  10. Minimize side effects
  11. To achieve a good positive mind
  12. Meditation and panchakarma treatments
  13. To prevent infectious diseases
  14. As a career in the Ayurveda field 

Present Ayurveda

Today the whole world has heard about the ayurvedic treatments due to its therapeutic efficiency and the less od side effects by the treatments. Now the ayurvedic knowledge has improve more and more with the usage of new technical methods. Despite the use of new technology, the quality and the method of treatments has not changed. In today, the number of ayurvedic hospitals, doctors, dispensaries have increased gradually and it has been spread in many countries.

Does Ayurveda safe for your life

Ayurvedic treatments are basically based on the herbal medicines. Apart from that they use some metals and minerals too. According to the “panchabhuta” concept in Ayurveda the whole world is made up of 05 basic elements and the man is also a part of nature. Ayurvedic treatments are not artificial drugs and they are natural and good for our body. Ayurvedic treatments have less side effects. The therapeutic efficiency of ayurvedic treatments are very high. It heals both of your mind and body too. As Ayurveda is a holistic medicinal system and also a philosophy which shows the science of life.

Some references have shown us the historical examples for the advanced surgeries. EX: – artificial metallic limb for woman who lost the leg in a fight

The ayurvedic references (Rigveda) has mentioned about the transplantations, rhinoplasty surgeries. Some references shows about the surgeries for malpresentations treatments for fistula, cataract operation etc..

All above treatments are written in reference in Ayurveda which are past / old about thousand years ago.

Practical skill through dissection

In the past ayurvedic sages had done dissection to improve the knowledge and to teach the students. They had used different natural dissection things for the dissection process. The most important thing is that they had done it in very discipline method. As example, in the ancient time, they had not used female corpses for the dissection and also, they have kept it in a confidential area.

Students had practiced surgical techniques on fruits and vegetable at first before applying it as a treatment to a patient.

Dead body preservation methods

In the past time some oil filing boats had used to preserve the dead bodies.

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